Tuesday, April 5, 2011


...name me someplace a demon might find string or twine in the vast wastes of hell. I'm avoiding writing my current story until I can think of a reasonable spot for it.

I typically get about the same amount of writing done every day: anywhere from 2-4 hours. But my attention span waxes and wanes. On good days, those hours will be consecutive, and the prose will have a nice flow to it. On bad days? It'll be in 15-20 minute spurts and will feel choppy and sort of clumsy when I go back and read whatever it was I was working on.

The computer is the best and worst possible writing tool. With internet access I can quickly research a topic for a story. On the other hand, it also leads to a lot of meaningless tooling around. I'm actually in the market for a new writing laptop because my current one is getting very old. It was not top-of-the-line when I got it. In fact, it was a clearance model. Six years ago. As if it wasn't slow enough, putting Norton antivirus on it pretty much slowed it to a crawl. An 11-year old copy of MS word should not take more than a split second to open. It often takes this poor old man about ten. That's just word. More intensive programs are a nightmare. A few friends and acquaintances have really plain-looking blogs I can't access from this thing because everything will freeze up.

And yet it almost seems like a blessing in disguise. Would I do even less if I had a computer that was up to date? Or would I get less frustrated at having to restart it (and thereby spend more time with it) because something it can't cope with is hogging a ton of resources? Guess I'm about to find it.

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