Friday, April 1, 2011

I Got Nothing

Just submitted a short story to The Nautilus Engine, who formerly published a story of mine by the name of "Moon Dog". Still debating on whether or not it was a smart move to send in a second story with an unemployed guy who has a strange animal companion. Either this is the kind of thing they'd expect, or it's too much. Then again, "Moon Dog" was put out in 2009. I'm probably safe.

I've had a little trouble with this story. The title, specifically. It's gone through three changes and I'm still not 100% satisfied with it. It's hard coming up with a decent name for a really odd story. Too odd and it turns people off: you don't want a story by the name of "Monkeycheesepants" for instance, because even hardened weirdos will cringe at that. Then again, something simple like "Andy Goes to The Store" is so dull and dry that nobody will get the message that you're writing for an odd audience. An oddience, if you will.

Well, that brings the number of subs I have out at the moment to seven. I've been trying to keep it steady at ten. Gonna have to go get to work.

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