Monday, August 1, 2011

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My novelette, Jam Don't Shake is now up at Vagabondage Press!

This is the longest story I've written to date. I know "length of story" isn't typically high on most authors' lists as an accomplishment, but it means something here. It takes time to figure out a story and make it coherent and consistent from end to end. I'd like to think that this represents an achievement. Flash  and short fiction are good, and I love them, but it's nice knowing that you have a handle on longer narratives. Hope this bodes well for the novel I'm working on.

As to "Jam Don't Shake," it's basically a little horror, a little sci-fi, and a fair share of sex drugs and violence. Or to put it another way.

They seem so innocent: jars of jellies and jams. But the inhabitants of the town of Goodman know better.
An additive in Auntie Goodtimes Jams and Jellies turns good people into rioting murderers when their supply is cut off, the factory burned to the ground, and the National Guard closing in.
Doug is trying to survive in this post-Goodtimes world, sating his addiction with a carefully dosed tablespoon a day of jelly. And, when supplies get low, Doug, like others, finds that cravings can be quelled with the blood of fellow addicts.
Is it really murder when it’s a matter of survival?

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