Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Need to Quit Being so Lazy

There must be at least five stories or more on my laptop that are more or less passable and could be good with a decent edit. My goal by the end of the day is to have an extra five submissions out there. I'll be posting the list here as I go.

Edit: Alright, found five I'd like to work on today. Finished editing #1 earlier. Now begins the rush to get these all prettied up and out the door.

1: Stronger than Sunlight - Flash Fiction - Fantasy

Finished editing and can now proceed looking for a landing spot.

2: Welsh Rabbit - Short Fiction - Strange

Came to the conclusion that this one would need to be totally rewritten. I'm not looking to write something entirely from scratch right now, but I feel better for having given it a second look.

3: Twainspotting - Short Fiction - Magical Realism

Edited and tweaked. I feel better about this now than I did when I opened up the file. Name has now been changed to Twain Wreck. It's a take on Mark Twain's Five Boons of Life, which I found bitter, predictable and preachy.

4: Salmon - Short Fiction - Magical Realism

Work continues, but this may fall the way of Welsh Rabbit. I remember now posting a drabbled version of this on The Drabblecast Forums just to see what it would look like greatly reduced. Needs some serious editing.

5: Keep the Doctor Away - Flash Fiction - Strange

Hardly touched a thing. More of a vignette than a complete story, and might be a hard sell. 

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