Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stephen King's "The Simpsons Movie"

My mother-in-law lent us her copy of "Under the Dome" several weeks ago and I've only just now gotten around to picking it up. Haven't read much into it so I don't have any comments to make. Except, how exactly is this different from the plot to The Simpsons' Movie?

I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't picked up an actual book in a few months, mostly reading online fiction or listening to podcasts. There's something I love about having a real, tangible object in my hands, and I feel like I've betrayed that a bit. Things like The Dunesteef and Drabblecast (linked elsewhere on the page) are great and all, but I find I tend to fidget if I have to sit still and listen to something without any other interaction. Reading a book is a genuinely physical activity: you have to hold the book in a certain way to keep it from falling shut; mark your page; move your eyes; move your head on your neck (for larger volumes). All minute actions, sure, but I feel more engaged by them.

Well, hope this one is entertaining. I liked "Cell," but then, I like anything zombie-related.

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